Mail in voting is easy, safe, and secure

Voting by Mail: Step-By-Step

If you’ve never voted by mail before, don’t worry – it’s easy. Plus, you get to avoid lines while keeping your fellow Nevadans and poll workers safe and healthy.

Quick Guide

illustration of man in a blue suit holding an envelope

Step 1:
Receive your ballot

illustration of a man holding a clipboard and paper

Step 2:
Read the instructions

illustration of a man sitting on a chair and writing on a paper

Step 3:
Fill out your ballot

illustration of a hand tearing off the perforated bottom of a sheet of paper

Step 4 :
Detach the ballot stub

illustration of hands placing paper into an envelope

Step 5:
Put ballot in privacy sleeve

illustration of a hand placing an envelope into another envelope

Step 6:
Put sleeve in return envelope

illustration of a person writing on an envelope

Step 7:
Sign and seal your envelope

illustration of a man placing mail into a mailbox

Step 8:
Mail it in!

illustration of a man holding a magnifying glass

Step 9:
Tune in for election results

Ballot Completion Directions

In partnership with the 17 counties in Nevada, the 2020 primary election will be conducted by mail. To complete your ballot and cast your vote, here’s what you need to know. 

Receiving Your Ballot

A ballot will be sent to the mailboxes of all active registered voters in Nevada in early May. Be sure to check your voter registration and address online prior to May 21. If you’re not yet a registered voter, you can register online up until May 21 in order to receive a ballot by mail. Each county will send the ballot on a unique schedule, but you should expect to have your ballot in hand by May 16. 

Each county ballot is a little bit different, but the steps for completion and mailing are generally the same. If you have further questions or need additional help, please contact your county election office. You can also review a list of important upcoming dates for this election.  

Completing Your Ballot

Step 1: Receive your ballot in the mail and open it up. 

Inside, you should have:

  • A Ballot
  • Set of Instructions
  • Privacy Sleeve (which sometimes doubles as your instruction sheet)
  • Return Envelope

Step 2: Refer to your instruction sheet for important information. 

Some guidelines include:

  • Use a black or blue ink pen (not felt/marker) to complete your ballot.
  • Fill the oval of your choices completely.
  • If you make a mistake, do not use correction fluid or tape. Cross out the name of the candidate or question you didn’t want to vote for. Make sure the bubble of the candidate or question you did want to vote for is fully filled in.

Step 3: Fill out your ballot.

  • You don’t have to vote in every category.
  • If you vote multiple times in one category, no vote will be counted.

Step 4: Detach the ballot stub. 

  • This is yours to keep for your records.
  • Be careful when you detach it so you don’t damage your ballot.

Step 5: Insert your ballot into the privacy sleeve. 

  • This may be a separate sleeve or your instruction sheet may double as a privacy sleeve.
  • Part of your ballot may stick out, that’s okay; your vote is safe and private. 

Step 6: Slide the privacy sleeve (with ballot inside) into the return envelope.

  • Please only include one ballot per envelope. 
  • If you include multiple ballots in one envelope, none of them will be counted.

Step 7: Sign and seal your return envelope. 

  • Depending on your return envelope, you may need to sign it before you seal it.
  • The signature location varies by county, but each return envelope should be clearly marked with a “Sign Here” line. 
  • Your signature will be compared with the signature on your voter registration.
  • If your ballot is not signed, this security check cannot be completed and your vote can not be counted. 

Step 8: Mail it in!

  • In order to be counted, your ballot must be postmarked by Election day, June 9.
  • If you accidentally damage your ballot and you need a new one prior to June 2, please contact your county registrar’s office.

Step 9: Tune in for election results. 

  • All counties must certify election results no later than 10 days after election day.