2020 Primary Election Mail-in Ballots on the Way to Nevada Voters Starting Today

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(Carson City, NV; May 1, 2020) – Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske announces that county election officials have begun to mail out 2020 primary election ballots and that voters can expect to receive their ballot in the mail in the next two weeks.  Voters in some counties may even begin to receive their ballots in the mail as early as today.  Secretary Cegavske previously announced that the 2020 primary election would be a vote-by-mail election due to health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Secretary of State’s office and all 17 Nevada county election officials are working together to provide Nevada families and communities a safe and secure way to exercise their right to vote during the 2020 primary election by offering a mail-in ballot,” said Wayne Thorley, deputy secretary of state for elections.  “Mail-in ballots provide Nevadans an accurate and valid way to vote this primary election in the comfort, safety and privacy of their own homes by simply mailing it or dropping it off,” said Thorley.

For the 2020 primary election, active registered voters will automatically receive a mail ballot delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.  Instructions for voting by mail are included with each ballot.  All ballots also come with a secure pre-addressed, postage-paid ballot return envelope that must be used for returning the ballot.  Voters are reminded to sign their return envelope before dropping it in the mail.  In-person ballot drop off will also be available should a voter be unable to return their ballot by mail.

While limited in-person voting, both during the early voting period and on Election Day, will be available for same-day registration and information updates, election officials highly encourage voters to take advantage of the opportunity to mail in primary election ballots rather than voting in person.

Below are key dates leading up to the June 9, 2020 primary election:

  • May 12 – Close of standard voter registration.  This is the last day to register to vote or to update existing registration information by mail or at a voter registration agency (such as the Department of Motor Vehicles).
  • May 21 – Last day to register to vote or update existing registration information online at www.RegisterToVoteNV.gov and be eligible to receive a mail-in ballot in the primary election.
  • May 22 to June 4 – Those registering to vote or update existing registration online at www.RegisterToVoteNV.gov are eligible to vote in the 2020 primary election but must vote in person.
  • May 23-June 5 – In-person early voting is available in all counties.  For the health and safety of voters and election workers, all voters are encouraged to vote by mail rather than in person.
  • June 4 – Last day to register to vote or update existing registration information online at www.RegisterToVoteNV.gov and be eligible to participate in the 2020 primary election.  After this date, voter registration will only be available on June 5 and June 9 at an in-person polling location.
  • June 9 – PRIMARY ELECTION DAY – Ballots returned by mail must be postmarked by June 9, 2020.  Ballots returned in person at a drop-off location must be received by 7:00 pm on June 9, 2020.  Also, on this day, there will be limited in-person voting available for those who are not able to vote a mail ballot.

For more information on the 2020 Nevada primary election, please visit www.mailitinnevada.com or follow the Nevada Secretary of State on Facebook or Twitter.